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Aztecs. By Kurella, Doris, Berger, Martin and de Castro, Inés, in cooperation with Insituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (INAH), Mexico

Munich: Hirmer, 360 pages (price includes German VAT, shipping will be added according to our terms and conditions)

Contributions from M. Aguilar-Moreno, I. Athie, R. Barrera Rodríguez, E. Bayer, M. Berger, F. Berdan, G. van Bussel, X. Chavéz Balderas, I. de Castro, S. T. Evans, F. Hinz, M. Jansen, D. Kurella, L. López Luján, R. Macuil Martínez, E. Matos Moctezuma, B. Mundy, G. Olivier, J. Olko , G. Pérez Jiménez, A. Rojas, L. Snijders

Hernán Cortés landing in Mexico 500 years ago sealed the end of the Aztec empire. With spectacular, partly unpublished finds, the volume presents the wealth of this culture: rare feather shields, impressive stone sculptures, valuable mosaic masks and gold work as well as colourful illustrated manuscripts bring the world of the Aztecs to life.

The volume provides a comprehensive insight into the exciting history of the Aztec Empire and takes into account the latest research and excavation results. Renowned experts talk about the political, social and economic structures, about cultural achievements such as the complex calendar system and the Aztec language as well as about religious rites. The high level of Aztec art and craftsmanship is evidenced by precious objects from the magnificent furnishings of Emperor Moctezuma's palace and the main temple Templo Mayor, including recently discovered offerings that have never been exhibited before.

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