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AVAILABLE ONLY IN GERMAN. Südsee-Oasen: Leben und Überleben im Westpazifik. Articles by Ingrid Heermann, Katja Göbel, Lothar Käser, Susanne Kuehling, Ulrich Menter, Eric Metzgar, Carmen Petrosian-Husa und Martin J. Schneider. 240 pages, 300 coloured pictures, price incl. VAT, additionally shipping costs. Many Atoll-Islands are endangered by the climate change. Ever since there have been climate threat and consequently strageties to face them: networks connected the Islands over hundrets of kilometers, navigators sailed the ocean streets with their knowledge of stars, streamings and winds. People accepted the challenge of environment: weather, house- and boatbuilding were controlled with the help of ghosts and gods, the often meager grounds and fishfull reefs were long lasting used. Objects of the Linden-Museum Stuttgart show the traditions on land and in the ocean that are endangered as habitat today.

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